Source right
Rely on industry professionals at your local garden center or greenhouse to show you plants that thrive in the climate and soil where you live. Many local garden centers employ Illinois Certified Nursery Professionals (ICN Pros) whose plant knowledge and professional standards help make your garden vibrant and healthy.

Buy right
Because local sources own the plants they stock, plant quality is high and they receive the care and attention necessary to keep plants healthy until they come home with you. Local independent garden centers are gems of uniqueness, stocking a diverse mix of plants to suit many gardening styles and preferences.

Plant right
Knowing in general what you want and where you want to plant or place it are only two legs of the stool. The third leg is the expertise of a plant professional. Your local garden center or nursery has passionate individuals knowledgeable about what grows best in your area, providing customized design, soil and climate guidance, proper installation, and maintenance techniques.

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