When & How to Water Your Plants

When & How to Water Your Plants

How & When to Water Your Plants

Don’t forget to water your plants! Proper watering of a newly installed plant is critical to its establishment and future growth. Though watering may seem like a simple task, proper watering is a complex subject that does not easily offer a one-size-fits-all guideline for the quantity and frequency of watering.

Roots need water to survive and to supply needed moisture back above ground for the process of photosynthesis for the purpose of the plant’s survival and growth. However, it is critical to understand that roots also need oxygen in order to survive and function.

While it is easy to understand why plants suffer when they are too dry, it must be understood that plants will suffer and perhaps die if they are too wet for a long period of time. Oxygen is not available in waterlogged soil as it occupies the same pore space as water.

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When & How to Water Your Plants
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