Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Invasive species

Certain plants in your yard might be causing natural areas to suffer. Some aggressive plants that have been commonly used in landscape beds can be migrated to natural areas when their seeds are spread by wildlife or wind. In a natural area not maintained by humans, invasive plants can choke out other plants destroying the ecosystem.

Even native plants might have a more aggressive growth pattern causing havoc in a small garden. Before selecting a plant, know the plant. An Illinois Certified Nursery Professional at your local garden center or nursery will help ensure the right plants so your outdoor living space can be a functioning ecosystem.

What plants are currently regulated as invasive?

Illinois has two important lists regulating terrestrial species based on the Illinois Exotic Weed Act and the Illinois Noxious Weed Act:

Which plants should be managed carefully because they have invasive tendencies?

When plants are introduced to a new location, either intentionally or accidentally, they can spread prolifically, out-compete native species for resources, and eventually even dominate the landscape. Biologists are studying the mechanisms underlying a taxon’s ability to become invasive, but it can be difficult to predict whether or not a species will become invasive in a new habitat.

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Invasive Species
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