ICN PRO, Mark McWilliams, Recommends Dwarf Betony

ICN PRO, Mark McWilliams, Recommends Dwarf Betony

Mark McWilliams, Recommends Dwarf Betony

Meet the plant

Dwarf Betony (Stachys minima)

The dwarf betony is a low maintenance, all season, attractive herbaceous perennial that supplies dependable bloom year after year. It has a medium texture that blends well into the garden.

BloomsBlooms: June
ExposureExposure: Full sun
TypeType: Herbaceous Perennial

It is a low mounding perennial that is evergreen in winter. A neat tidy rosette of leaves that provide the perfect front edge of a border or garden. It produces long lasting lavender orbs that resemble an allium bloom. Its serrated narrow leaves stay dark green throughout the season. It will require occasional maintenance and is best cleaned up in early spring before it begins active growth for the season. Deer will typically skip dwarf betony in favor of tastier garden treats.

Meet the ICN Pro

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ICN PRO, Mark McWilliams, Recommends Dwarf Betony
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