ICN PRO, Laurie McWilliams, Recommends Black Gum

ICN PRO, Laurie McWilliams, Recommends Black Gum

Laurie McWilliams, Recommends Black Gum

Meet the plant

Black Gum (Nyssa Sylvatica)

The Black Gum is a beautifully shaped tree with glossy summer foliage and shades of red and orange in the fall. It ranges in height 30-50 feet and spreads 20-30 feet. It performs well in full sun to part shade light conditions. It is a low maintenance tree that likes wet to moderate soils. It will tolerate dryer soils short term, clay, and Black Walnut affected soil. Nyssa Sylvatica has no serious insect or disease problems.

BloomsBlooms: April
ExposureExposure: Full sun to part shade
TypeType: Tree

Nyssa Sylvatica is a great pollinator but it is dioecious, meaning it requires a male and female to produce berries. It is possible to have trees that have both sexes and will be able to produce fruit. But this is not, to my knowledge, a trait that is being actively pursued by growers. Given its hardiness to disease and insects, which is one of the top questions we are asked, it may rise up the level of importance for this trait.

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ICN PRO, Laurie McWilliams, Recommends Black Gum
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