ICN PRO, Julie Janoski, Recommends Chinkapin Oak

ICN PRO, Julie Janoski, Recommends Chinkapin Oak

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Chinkapin oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)

Chinkapin oak is native to the Midwest and supports many forms of mammals, birds, insects and pollinators, including several types of butterflies and skippers. It is tolerant of our alkaline, clay soils and can thrive in a yard or park. Pyramidal in its youth, the crown becomes more rounded as the tree ages creating a majestic outline if sited with adequate space. Chinkapin oak’s handsome, shiny leaves have wavy edges that are smaller than typical oaks and turn orange-yellow to golden brown in the fall.

BloomsBlooms: April – May
ExposureExposure: Full sun
TypeType: Tree

Oaks are a keystone species, meaning that hundred of species rely on them for food and shelter, supporting entire ecosystems.

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ICN PRO, Julie Janoski, Recommends Chinkapin Oak
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