ICN PRO, Cheryl Linnemann, Recommends Dipladenia

ICN PRO, Cheryl Linnemann, Recommends Dipladenia

Pro Plant Recommendation

Meet the plant


This gorgeous vining annual is a blooming powerhouse. Dipalendias are known for their heat and drought tolerance making them tough as nails. It’s the perfect choice for the occasional forgetful waterer, overscheduled plant lover, and me!

BloomsBlooms: May- August
ExposureExposure: Full sun
TypeType: Annual

This plant is a hummingbird magnet! This plant will produce a steady supply of flowers all summer and into fall, making it a beautiful addition to sunny outdoor decks, patios, and even hanging on a trellis.

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Meet the ICN Pro

Learn more from Cheryl Linnemann at Prairie View Garden Center and Farm Market or find a local ICN Pro.

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ICN PRO, Cheryl Linnemann, Recommends Dipladenia
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