Barb Herbert Recommends Bur Oak

Barb Herbert Recommends Bur Oak

Barb Herbert Bur Oak

Meet the plant

Quercus macrocarpa

The texture and stature of this tree is unparalleled. In the world of Oak trees it stands as a favorite for its artistic spreading branches and deeply furrowed bark. Its stems have corky ridges that add to the texture. Bur Oak is best planted in a park-like setting where its habit can be truly appreciated.

Photo credit: The Fields on Caton Farm

Blooms Blooms: Does not bloom
Exposure Exposure: Full sun
Type Type: Tree

Bur Oak is a native tree. It is slow-growing and long-lived. It can and will reach a stately 70-80′ in height and 50′ in spread. And yes, it will produce acorns!

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Barb Herbert Recommends Bur Oak
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