Knowledge and resources about plants and planting are so vast they can be overwhelming. The best approach is to take advantage of information based on your areas of interest and then seek the guidance of a plant professional. Your local nursery or garden center has inspired people ready to offer advice.

Tulips in Landscape Bed

Caring for your Spring Bulbs

Fertilize your spring flowering bulbs with a slower-releasing granular of one to two pounds of 10-10-10 per 100 square feet when shoots first appear in spring and ideally four to six weeks before bloom.

Dandelion Weed Lawn

Weed Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

Mammoth dandelions, carpets of Creeping Charlie and a smattering of lambsquarters, purslane and foxtail are flourishing while we stay in our homes during the rainy spring. Weeds can be a conundrum for most gardeners and may even cause some to throw in the trowel.

Not all trees are good trees

Not All Trees Are Good Trees

In the world of landscaping, trees are the backbones of the landscape. They are permanent structures that have stately features, shade our homes, provide spring floral displays, and some amazing fall color. There are, however, some trees that just behave badly.

Too Much Moisture Leads to Tree Problems

Too Much Moisture, More Tree Problems

If you are spending more time out in your backyard this week, you may have noticed some of our central Illinois trees are super ugly this spring. Maple leaves have black splotches, sycamore branches are falling to the ground and ginkgoes leaves are sparse and crinkled. All these symptoms are tree issues that link back to the cool wet spring and late frost.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Best Trees and Plants for Bird Lovers

There’s something so joyful about watching curious birds flutter around your yard. As they nuzzle the flowers in your garden, fly around trees to taste their fruit or perch on a branch to sing a tune, you get to admire these lovely creatures from afar.

Choose a Shade Tree for a Tight Spot

How to Choose a Shade Tree for a Tight Spot

The conundrum of a small yard- you want to make it usable and beautiful but you’re not quite sure what you have room for. Adding in a small to medium-sized shade tree may be just the answer you’re looking for. Shade trees will help reduce your energy bills by keeping your home cool in the

A Certain Air Around Callery Pear

A Certain Air Around Callery Pear

Do you see those beautiful white flowering trees lining the streets and backyards? These delicate white blossoms, made brighter by the months of winter endured, are actually an environmental hazard to the Illinois wilds. Callery Pear season is upon us.