Knowledge and resources about plants and planting are so vast they can be overwhelming. The best approach is to take advantage of information based on your areas of interest and then seek the guidance of a plant professional. Your local nursery or garden center has inspired people ready to offer advice.


Creating a Fall Pollinator Garden

Pollinators are critical to our food supply. Many of the foods we enjoy, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee and chocolate, are possible thanks to birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects. Continue Learning


Fool-Proof Fall Planting

As blazing summer heat retreats and the idea of being in the garden becomes appealing again (fun even?), a truly time-sensitive question arises.  “Should I plant now or is it better to wait ‘til spring?” For those eager to “make their garden better” now, but are seeking a horticultural blessing, read this and go forth shovel in hand, confident you’ve made a sound decision. 


Best Oak Trees to Plant for Color

The mighty oak. They don’t call this tree mighty for nothing. The oak is known for being strong and living long. A healthy oak can even withstand strong weather. Its solid wood has been used to make furniture, boats, and even homes.


How to Grow Garlic in the Garden

Growing garlic for the first time can be an exercise in patience, but once it’s ready for harvest, you’ll be so glad you took the time to cultivate it. Nothing beats fresh garlic, as not only is it flavorful, but it’s incredibly healthy too.


How Strong is This Low Branch?

This White Oak branch has been hanging in there for about 80 years so we can assume that it is pretty strong. Growing in Old School Forest Preserve in Lake County, IL, this tree is in its natural state, but what if it was growing in your landscape? Would you worry about this branch falling?

Oak Leaves

Oaks Need Your Help!

Oak trees help create healthier communities. Trees clean our air by removing air pollution, purify our drinking water and keep us cooler in the summer. Our oak trees can help reduce water pollution, reduce asthma, and improve our overall health.


Why Isn’t my Bigleaf Hydrangea Blooming?

Big leaf hydrangeas produce some of the best-loved summer flowers: big, blousy orbs of pink, purple, or blue. Everyone, it seems, has one, but not everyone has found equal success in getting a yard full of fabulous flowers. This is why the number one question we are asked every year is, “Why isn’t my hydrangea blooming?” It’s a pretty easy question to answer yourself, once you have some basic knowledge of the one characteristic that makes these beautiful bushes a little bit different than the others: they bloom on old wood.

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