Knowledge and resources about plants and planting are so vast they can be overwhelming. The best approach is to take advantage of information based on your areas of interest and then seek the guidance of a plant professional. Your local nursery or garden center has inspired people ready to offer advice.

Beetle in Flower

Dealing With Common Garden Pests in Illinois

An abundance of insects is a natural sign of a healthy and biodiverse garden. Sometimes, however, these garden guests can quickly become pests, damaging our plants and ruining our crops. It’s every gardener’s job to keep an eye out for potential nuisances and manage them before they become a major problem and spread to other landscapes.

Leaf with Water

Guidelines and Tips for Planting and Watering

The single biggest reason plants die is due to watering practices. They are either overwatered or underwatered. If there is one key area a gardener needs to understand it would be understanding what determines how much water a plant needs and how to properly water.

Not all soils are equal

Not All Soils are Created Equal

Let talk dirt! Or what I really should say is soil. So often these terms are used interchangeably but not all soils are created equal. Sure, they look similar but in science class you will learn that soil usually contains the following ingredients-minerals, organic matter, living organisms, gas, and water.

Hummingbird Moth with Plant

Top 10 plants for pollinator-friendly containers

Bees, birds, butterflies, and other pollinators play an important role in our global ecosystem. In fact, they are essential. By transporting pollen from one plant to another, they make growing the food we eat and the beautiful garden spaces we enjoy possible

Mother and Son Growing Tomatoes

Beat Inflation by Growing Your Own Food

With food prices going up, growing your own food just makes more and more sense these days. For less than one grocery run, you can buy seeds for a whole spring, summer, and fall’s worth of produce. Saving money has always been a perk of gardening, but that’s not the only reason to do it.


Top 12 Unique Perennials for Shade

Finding suitable plants that can thrive in a shady garden can seem like a discouraging task. The choices are actually more abundant than you might think. But what if you are looking for an exceptional plant that’s not so commonly seen, with unique qualities?

Native Plants to Manage Water

Using Native Plants to Manage Water

It rains hard and often in spring, and then we have big puddles, muddy gardens and soggy lawns. Then midsummer comes and the garden is dry and hot. The plants are gasping for water and the soil is dry and cracked. Sound familiar? This is typical weather in Illinois, and it presents challenges that only native plants can meet.

Choosing Mulch

Choosing a Mulch

Although the right mulch can put the finishing touch on garden beds, most importantly, a layering of mulch will help to control weeds, retain soil moisture and keep temperatures as consistent as possible.

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