Knowledge and resources about plants and planting are so vast they can be overwhelming. The best approach is to take advantage of information based on your areas of interest and then seek the guidance of a plant professional. Your local nursery or garden center has inspired people ready to offer advice.


Adding More Blooms to Your Garden Invites More Birds

Over the last 20 years we’ve lost billions of birds – birds that are both beautiful and play critical roles in the environment… such as eating pests. We do not know all the complex drivers leading to the population decline of birds, but habitat loss is certainly part of the story.


9 Native Illinois Shrubs for Sun and Shade

Whether you have an area around your home that gets full sun or shade, is wet or dry, there is a native shrub option for you. Native shrubs are touted as easier to care for and provide ecosystems services like flowers for pollinators and berries for bird. When planting native shrubs, plant in groups and water during the establishment period.


Succulents: Beauty in Small Packages

You know that I love designing beautiful landscapes with perennials, trees, shrubs and boulders, and building patios and walkways for our customers. But what you may not know is that one of my private passions is on a much smaller scale: succulents.


How to Care for Fruit Trees

In order to have the best quality fruit, similar to what you would find at a grocery store, you will want to treat your fruit trees. there are a few different products you should apply to your trees throughout the year, so that your tree remains healthy and produces quality fruit.


These Plants are Best Friends Forever

In nature, plants grow in communities, but we often treat them as individuals in our gardens. When we learn how to grow them together, we can take advantage of their natural harmonies, boost the strength of each plant, and make our whole garden sing. Here’s a guide to companion planting!


The Best Uses for Topsoil and Garden Soil

Sometime, we need to add more soil to our landscape, like when we’re building a raised bed or leveling a spot in our yard. When it’s time to buy it, it’s hard to know which kind we need. Here’s a guide to distinguishing topsoil from garden soil, and how to choose the best one for your project!


5 Everyday Plants for a DIY Wedding Bouquet

It can be tricky to pick the perfect flower arrangements and bouquets for a wedding. Even trickier can be creating something that’s unique and original. We’ve compiled a short list of five, unique plants sure to bring interest and beauty to any arrangement, whether it’s for a special day or every day at home.


Shade Garden Success in 5 Steps

When your landscape offers the bonus of cool, refreshing shade, creating a beautiful garden requires a fresh approach to plant selection and care. Many go-to favorites for sunny gardens fall short on blooms, beauty and health in low-light situations.

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