Houseplants with style

Indoor Plants That Say Style

As the outside world turns cold and devoid of color, it’s the perfect time to add a splash of greenery to your indoor space. Beautiful houseplants can add style as living sculpture or infuse living color into your home décor.

Which houseplants are safe for pets

Pet-Friendly Houseplants

One of the most frequently asked questions plant questions is: “Which of these plants are safe for my dog or cat?” It’s a very legitimate question and usually posed by those with a new puppy, or a cat of any age.

Carling for Indoor Plants

Caring for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can add color, beauty and character to your living space. It’s becoming more common for people to work remotely or spend more time in the home—you might as well reap the benefits that plants have to offer while being inside, especially in the winter months.

Creating a Haven for Happy Houseplants

Create a Haven for Houseplants

Are you looking for the secret to happy houseplants? With the days getting colder, now is the time to create an indoor oasis ahead of winter’s lack of green and growing things.