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How to Divide Perennials

Dividing perennials keeps plant growth under control, rejuvenates cramped roots, and is an easy way to spread plants around the garden. It’s a skill that every gardener should know how to do. We’ve divided the process into simple steps below!


6 Simple Tips for Better Tomatoes

We know you are itching to get growing so we thought we’d provide tips to help you along the way. So by now you’ve got your tomato plants ready to plant. You’ve either grown them from seed, bought seedlings or perhaps even a fairly mature plant. Ideally you’ve waited for the last frost date and you’ve prepared your soil. You’re on your way to a summer filled with luscious fruit. Success can be yours if you’ll follow these simple steps when planting and caring for your plants.

Caring for new Transplants

Caring for new transplants

Starting a regular plant maintenance and inspection program to head-off problems early, and providing good after-care will help maintain the health and vigor of your newly planted trees and shrubs.

Potting Pansies

Potting up Pansies

Pansies are finally here! Their cheerful faces and bright colors have become a Midwest necessity after our long winters. These little plants are tough and can even withstand temperatures below freezing or a dusting of snow… perfect transitional plants.