Choosing Plants

Add Color with Asters

The plant can be used in many places, such as in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens. Asters also attract bees and butterflies, providing the pollinators with an important late-season supply of nectar.


Shade Gardening for Beginners

Shade gardening is an essential skill for homeowners who want to keep their entire property green and thriving. Most residential yards have some areas that rarely get direct sunlight and are prone to soil erosion because nothing grows there. This is especially true under spreading trees (such as oaks) which have dense foliage. Residential structures like houses and fences also tend to block sunshine and create dim spaces.


Care Tips for Hostas

Hosta are hardy perennials that are especially perfect for a shady garden. Reliable and very easy to grow, hosta are long-lived—and may even outlive the gardener!

Moonlight Garden Daisies

Creating a moonlight garden

Gardeners who look forward to enjoying their landscapes during warm summer nights should consider creating a moonlight garden that extends the experience late into the evening.

Salt Tolerant Plants

Safe Deicers & Salt Tolerant Plants

Winter safety includes keeping walkways free of ice. Many ice melting products are not plant-friendly. Commonly used rock salt, or sodium chloride, is extremely harmful to plant material and can impact the soil health.

Trees and Shrubs that Attract Birds

Trees and shrubs that attract birds

It takes more than a feeder and a birdbath to make your yard truly bird friendly. Birds need a complete habitat that provides food, shelter, nesting areas, and singing posts from which to defend their territories.