Caring for Your Landscape

Creating Curb Appeal in the Front Yard

Your front yard and the front of your home significantly impact the first impression of friends, family, neighbors, and future homebuyers. Putting in a little time and effort to improve curb appeal, whether through adding new plants or modernizing hardware, is worth the time and investment.


10 Essential Spring Gardening Tasks

Spring is the most active time to be in the garden. Using all the pent-up energy we’ve accrued over winter, let’s head outdoors to clean out and prepare our garden beds, repair hardscaping, do a little pruning and moving, and start the growing season off right. Here are ten things you can do to launch the spring season successfully.

How & When to Water Your Plants

When & How to Water Your Plants

Don’t forget to water your plants! Proper watering of a newly installed plant is critical to its establishment and future growth. Though watering may seem like a simple task, proper watering is a complex subject that does not easily offer a one-size-fits-all guideline for the quantity and frequency of watering.

Hedging and Shearing Tips

Hedging & Shearing

Hedges will always be a part of our landscape in some way, shape or form. Hedges are popular and can create a beautiful formal look, especially for front yards. However, when pruned incorrectly they quickly become an eyesore.

How to prune Hydrangeas

How to Prune Hydrangeas

You may have recently purchased and newly installed a hydrangea, or yours may already be be mature. Either way, pruning your hydrangea is a yearly occurrence.