Boxwood Looking Battered?

Boxwood Looking Battered?

Battered Boxwoods

Photo Credit: Horticultural Research Institute (HRI)

Based on the mind-blowing number of boxwood samples that arrive daily at our Wilmette store and are being seen by our landscape team, there’s a big, post-winter problem. The damage is largely attributable to two things- an insect (Boxwood leafminer) and record-breaking low winter temperatures.

If you’re fortunate enough to spend the winter in southern climes and only heard about Chicago’s record-shattering -20 F. you’re one of the lucky ones. Our Zone 5 hardy landscape plants had to endure Zone 3 winter temperatures. While plants only recognize actual temperature, wind chill factors just this side of -60 F. are devastatingly dehydrating.

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Boxwood Looking Battered?
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