Month: September 2022

Perk Up Your Porch with These Fall Container Design Ideas

Fall scenery is so rich in color and warmth, but while our trees and shrubs are taking on such gorgeous autumn shades, many of our summer annuals have bitten the dust. If your container gardens and pots look tired lately, we recommend adding some late-blooming fall annuals and ornamental plants to spruce up the scenery! Here are some container design ideas to get the creative energy flowing. 

10 New Plants to Create a Multi-Season Hummingbird Haven

Is there anything more entertaining than watching the aerobatic antics of hummingbirds? Whether they’re visiting for a sip of sugar water at the feeder, zooming through the garden (where you’ll often hear their whirring wings before you see them), or engaging in an aggressive chase with a rival, hummingbirds provide hours of enjoyment. (Who needs Netflix when you can watch your own nature show in the backyard?!)

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