Month: August 2022

Native Plants in the Fall Garden

The native plants in my garden tell me when summer is beginning to turn toward autumn. Culver’s Root (Veronicastrum virginicum) is already blooming in the shady rain garden despite lack of rain. Royal Catchfly (Silene regia) grows tall and delicate in the butterfly garden, a stand-out because its blossom is the only true red among so many softer colors. Soon asters of many varieties will begin to bloom. Native grasses will not be far behind. When they and the goldenrods bloom, we know for sure that autumn is here.

Fool-Proof Fall Planting

As blazing summer heat retreats and the idea of being in the garden becomes appealing again (fun even?), a truly time-sensitive question arises.  “Should I plant now or is it better to wait ‘til spring?” For those eager to “make their garden better” now, but are seeking a horticultural blessing, read this and go forth shovel in hand, confident you’ve made a sound decision. 

Why Isn’t my Bigleaf Hydrangea Blooming?

Big leaf hydrangeas produce some of the best-loved summer flowers: big, blousy orbs of pink, purple, or blue. Everyone, it seems, has one, but not everyone has found equal success in getting a yard full of fabulous flowers. This is why the number one question we are asked every year is, “Why isn’t my hydrangea blooming?” It’s a pretty easy question to answer yourself, once you have some basic knowledge of the one characteristic that makes these beautiful bushes a little bit different than the others: they bloom on old wood.

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