Month: December 2021

Poinsettia Care Guide: Keep Your Blooms Beautiful

It’s easy to treat poinsettias like another Christmas decoration, one to put on display wherever they look best, and then kindly put away—or discard—when the holidays are over. But these festive plants are as alive and eager to grow as any of our year-round houseplants. If we care for them well, their vibrant blooms will brighten our homes at Christmas and into the New Year!  

Lilac Basics for Beginners

with early blooming lilacs that flower about two to three weeks before common lilacs bloom. The pink-red buds of Marie Frances lilac open to a soft, pinkish white beginning in late April to early May. Evangeline lilac’s extremely fragrant, pale purple blooms make the perfect early companion. Both these leading lilacs mature around 6 to 8 feet tall and wide, about half the size of common lilacs.

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