Month: September 2021

Proper maintenance extends lifespan, saves money on garden tools

One of the pricier expenditures for home gardeners is quality hand tools. High quality tools will last longer, but this does mean the tools — whether shovels, rakes, pruners, or hand trowels — cost more. With winter coming up, make sure to clean, oil, and sharpen tools before storing them for the season. The first step to tool maintenance is proper storage. Do not leave tools outside where they can absorb moisture from wet grass and dew. Instead, store tools off the ground and away from potential moisture, such as in a shed, barn, or garage.

What’s destroying my lawn: fall armyworm damage & control

You might not be able to hear the marching, but there are troops invading some yards across the U.S. this year in greater numbers than usual, and they’re after one thing: your lawn.

In fact, entomologists say they’ve never seen the problem this widespread. What are these tiny troops made of? Fall armyworms. Although called worms, they are actually caterpillars of a moth. They are infesting lawns along the Southeast, as well as stretching into areas as far west as Texas and as far north as Michigan.

Put your garden to bed with fall/winter cover crops!

Like it or not, fall and winter will be here before we know it! During the off-season, too many gardeners leave their vegetable or flower gardens bare over winter. This can cause major problems for the following growing season, especially an invasion of winter weeds and erosion of high-quality topsoil to boot. Beat the weeds and hang on to your soil this fall, winter and spring by planting a cover crop, or at least putting down some straw.

Give your front porch containers a fall makeover

Are you ready to toss in the towel on your overgrown, drab-looking container gardens for the year?
Unfortunately, our gorgeous summer containers are now fading due to the stress of the summer heat, possible insects or diseases, and the changing temperatures and sunlight in fall. Don’t give up! Now is the perfect time to give them a fall makeover and create a beautiful display of autumnal colors amongst the pumpkins on your front porch for a couple of months.

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