Creating a moonlight garden

Gardeners who look forward to enjoying their landscapes during warm summer nights should consider creating a moonlight garden that extends the experience late into the evening.

What’s in a name? Non-native species not the same as invasives

Once introduced, invasive species spread quickly and aggressively, often because they don’t have natural predators. They then compete with native species for resources.

My Tree was Struck by Lightning. What do I Do?

Across the world, lightning strikes millions of times per day. Each bright bolt poses a threat to nearby trees, and sometimes our treasured plants suffer well after a storm has passed.

5 Best Flowering Shade Trees

Plant a flowering shade tree and your home will surely be the showcase of the neighborhood!

How to Create and Cultivate a Mini Indoor Garden in 4 Easy Steps

Terrariums are a great solution for anyone who wants to garden, but has limited space. These mini indoor gardens provide a decorative feature for home or office.

When & How to Water Your Plants

Don’t forget to water your plants! Proper watering of a newly installed plant is critical to its establishment and future growth. Though watering may seem like a simple task, proper watering is a complex subject that does not easily offer a one-size-fits-all guideline for the quantity and frequency of watering.

4 Steps to Growing and Maintaining Beautiful Summer Roses

A little focus on summer watering, pruning and fertilizing along with watching for potential diseases, and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of roses for an amazing garden display or lush bouquets. Here’s what you need to know.

Hedging & Shearing

Hedges will always be a part of our landscape in some way, shape or form. Hedges are popular and can create a beautiful formal look, especially for front yards. However, when pruned incorrectly they quickly become an eyesore.

Potting up Pansies

Pansies are finally here! Their cheerful faces and bright colors have become a Midwest necessity after our long winters. These little plants are tough and can even withstand temperatures below freezing or a dusting of snow… perfect transitional plants.

How To Transplant A Tree: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Moving a tree comes with risks, but when you take your time and follow a tree transplanting checklist to a tee, there’s a much better chance your tree will have a smooth transition.